During my years as a church musician, I’ve experienced just about every type of worship situation imaginable.

I’ve played conferences where things were so crazy, so charismatic, that I was afraid somebody would call the cops. Other times, I’ve been the only musician in a room with one or two silent prayer warriors. I’ve seen people speak in tongues, anoint with oil, paint stunning images on canvas, share incredible testimonies, create spontaneous songs, and heal the sick.

Of course, most of my time has been spent in worship that looks a lot like what we do on Sunday mornings. And believe me, I’m thankful for that.

Yes, there are many styles, customs, and experiences in worship. But a common thread weaves its way through all of it — the most profound, life-changing worship happens when God’s people earnestly seek His heart.

And that can’t happen unless the worship leader is transparent. Continue reading

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