Choosing songs for worship used to be pretty easy. You simply grabbed the hymnal, maybe peeked in the back at the keyword index, and “take your pick.” Any song will do.


Choosing worship songs has never been more complicated.

Today, it’s a different story. Modern worship planners stand beneath an avalanche of praise and worship choruses. With more than 100,000 songs available and hundreds of songs playing on the radio, never before have we had so much music to choose from.

And never before have worship leaders shouldered as much responsibility for the quality of music as they do now. In bygone days, hymns were included in hymnals only after a panel of theologians and musicians had deemed them appropriate for worship. In the modern worship era, that job falls to individual worship leaders.

All this may leave you wondering: How does a worship leader select the songs? Here are three simple-yet-important questions I ask when considering a new song for worship.


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