Recently in church, we talked about the 9th commandment. “You will not bear false witness.” In other words, “Don’t lie.”

It’s part of a 10-week series about the 10 Commandments, and I have to admit … it’s been tough for me. Week after week, Pastor Glen Blumer stands up on the platform and tells me something I find very hard to swallow: “You can’t follow 10 simple rules.”

See, I’m a competitive guy by nature, so my first instinct is to take each commandment as a challenge.

Glen says, “You can’t follow this commandment.”

Bob says, “Wanna bet?”

Take the 9th commandment. Don’t lie. OK, I won’t. I mean, how easy is THAT? In fact, if I so much as FEEL THE URGE to lie, I’ll just shut my mouth. If I don’t say ANYTHING, it’s all good, right?

Yes! Yes! YES! (Fist pump with each “yes”) Take that, Blumer!

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