Trust Me – a song for when all feels lost

Christmas – it’s a funny time for me.

You see, my family makes lists. Each year, we have to come up with a laundry list of stuff we want for Christmas. And I struggle more every year to come up with such a list. Truth is, I already have the things that matter … a God who has gone to extreme lengths to guarantee my eternity, a beautiful family that loves me unconditionally, and more material things than I could ever need.


The best Christmas gifts are the ones we don’t expect.

That’s what makes the unexpected “little” gifts so enjoyable. The ones that come from friends or family, with no aid from any list. This year, a great friend and coworker, Nicole Forget, gave me such a gift, a mug that instantly evoked feelings of comfort and warmth. Not from the hot chocolate or coffee inside, but from what was artistically emblazoned on the outside.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.”

– Jeremiah 29:11

Amazingly enough, Nicole didn’t even know that Jeremiah 29:11 is my favorite bible verse. It’s a beautiful reminder from God than when all feels

lost, He is there. He is strong. He is able. He protects. He embraces.

And He says, “Trust me.”

It’s also the subject of a song from my first (and only) album. The song is called “Trust Me,” and it the lyrics tell it like it is. Feel free to listen.

I know You’re the living water that I was born to drink
You’re the prophet who knows everything, yet You keep on loving me
But still I wonder, would You bear my shame?
Would You carry it Yourself and take the blame?

You say, “Trust me. Don’t be afraid.
“Trust me. Trust in the plans I have made.
“I promise I will hold you and protect you from the storms that come your way.
“So trust in me, child of mine. It’s gonna be OK.”

When the road has left me filthy, You kneel and wash my feet
When hunger overwhelms me, You say, “Take and eat”
But can You mend my shattered heart with just Your hands?
Can You make these broken bones stand up and dance?

You say, “Trust me. Don’t be afraid …”

When I fall into the void
Lost inside the endless noise
Still I hear Your shepherd voice
Calling … I hear You calling

Life throws so many curves and obstacles in our path. We face sickness, broken relationships, loneliness, job loss, addictions, and a thousand more hardships that I can’t list here. People hurt us, often when they don’t even mean to, and we hurt others. Sometimes it gets so bad that God feels a million miles away. It’s so easy to think, “You’re God, creator of everything, master of the entire universe, and I’m just … me. A speck on a speck. How can You possibly give a darn about something so insignificant as me?”

But God has an answer, found in that wonderful verse in Jeremiah 29. He says without qualification that you are NOT insignificant. You’re precious to Him, so precious that He gave up His life for you, as part of a plan that is so perfectly crafted, so lovingly created that you and I get to live forever in the embrace of a God who holds infinite love for us.

What a comfort. What a joy! What a gift … the best Christmas present anybody could ever receive.

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  1. Timely words. Thanks for posting on your blog again, Bob. Have a very blessed new year!

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