On my day off recently, I was on the first tee at Copper Creek Golf Course, getting ready to play a round with my friend. As we were waiting for the fairway to clear, a group of three young men – they couldn’t have been older than 20, maybe younger – pulled up behind us to wait their turn.

I couldn’t help noticing something peculiar about these three young guys … they were all glued to their smartphones. smartphones_good_or_evil

My friend and I looked at each other and said the same thing at almost the same time: “How sad.”

Here were three guys, presumably friends, about to play a round of golf, a highly social activity – and they were absolutely and utterly disconnected from each other. We waited about five minutes to tee off, and none of them said a word. They weren’t joking with each other, talking about golf, or enjoying each other’s company in any way. They never looked up from their smartphones. To be perfectly honest, they looked miserable, like their Continue reading

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