MonthApril 2014

What will be your legacy?


In “Once,” a down-and-out busker meets a girl who shows him kindness … and changes his life forever.

Last Friday, I had the chance to see the musical Once at the Des Moines Civic Center. Already one of my favorite movies, Once immediately solidified itself as my favorite stage production ever. I could write a 10,000-word blog post and still never cover all the reasons why I like it so much. All I can tell you is to see it if you have the chance.

The story centers around a young Irish man who is a “busker,” which is simply a person who performs in public places for gratuities. In this case, he’s a singer-songwriter who plays original tunes on a beat-up acoustic guitar, most of which center around lost love. He’s ready to give up — both on music and life — because he senses that most people are just walking by, not paying a bit of attention to the art that has consumed his entire life. He feels his music impacts no one.

It’s easy to relate, isn’t it? Whether it’s performing music or simply going to work every day, we can fall into the miserable trap of believing our lives Continue reading

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Was Peter’s denial an act of cowardice? I have my doubts.

“I tell you Peter, before the rooster crows today, You will deny three times that you know me.”
— Luke 22:34

Wow. Talk about your proverbial slap in the face. Here is Peter, the unquestioned leader of the disciples, the outspoken one, the man known as “the rock” – and Jesus is basically telling him, “You’ll turn tail and run when the heat comes down.” Man, that had to hurt.

Here’s what I want to know … why did Peter deny Jesus?

An easy answer would be that Peter was simply afraid. And who could blame him? After witnessing the unbearable thrashing and thinking about the horrible death his Lord was about to suffer, it’s not a stretch to think that Peter would say, “Nope. Don’t want no part of that.”

Applied to most people, the fear theory makes a lot of sense. Heck, it would make sense for me. I’d be more scared than a cat at the Westminster Dog Show. But I have a very hard time believing the fear theory applies to Peter. Continue reading

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